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The Evolution of Presumption and Conflict in the drafting of SENA

While most folks who find this will know who I, Maistresse Marie de Blois, am, it seems relevant to specifically call out here at the beginning of this rambling little story that I was Palimpsest Herald from June 2010 through 2016 or so, during the second round of drafting and the publication of SENA (as…

One Herald’s Take on the Issue of Marshalling

One question which arises time and time again, is the question of marshalling and why it isn’t registerable in the SCA. I think that I’m possibly the one of the best people to answer this, because I co-wrote the rules in SENA about marshalling and my philosophy played a significant role in why SENA continued…

A Brief History of Blanket Letters of Permission to Conflict

There is a game I like to play from time to time called It Came From the LoARs! In this episode, I accidentally found myself biting off a bit more than usual when I went to post the answer and found myself tracing through all the background and then followup on this item. Standard rules:…

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